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Archived News from April 2003

14th April 2003 21:17

mansfieldtown.net reveals that Keith Curle has imposed a new strict training regime on the squad…a full working day, that is the team now have to report in at 8.00am and train throughout the day until the finish at 5.00pm.

Keith Curle explains: “these hours have not been put in place for the sake of it, but to give the lads a wake up call. I will be pushing them to the edge of their mental limits to assess how tough they are, their individual strengths will start to show through and some will be higher than others” he said.

“On Saturday we didn't start playing for twenty minutes allowing Bristol to take a two goal lead, we got a life line when Dis scored his goal, this was because we settled down and started to play the way we have practiced. When we came out after the break and Dis missed another goal, that could have been the turning point had it gone in but instead Bristol went on to score but we got a second life line when Butler scored the own goal, this where mental toughness was required from all the players on the pitch. If we had the mental strength to hold them at 3-2 the pressure would have been on the home side.” Curle added.

Curle realises that not all of his players should be tarred with the same brush as he explains his respect for Rhys Day and Adam Eaton have gone up even more on a personal level.

“Not many people realise that Rhys Broke his jaw just after 10 minutes of play but refused to come of the pitch and play on to the end. I saw him make several aerial challenges later on in the game and I could hear the pain he was in but he wanted to give me and his team mates 100% effort. Another player with this commitment, desire and true professionalism is Adam Eaton.

"Eaton has been carrying a hernia for some time now and hasn't trained for two weeks but his desire is admirable, despite being in a lot of pain he has turned week after week and given me 100% but all he could manage was 45 minutes on Saturday. Adam will be seeing a specialist this week to determine whether playing on this injury will make it any worse or whether he can see the season out. I'm sure that if if can he will want to play. Give me a full team of these players every time” said Curle.

Rhys will most likely be out of action for the rest of the season.

“We need the fans more than ever at this stage of the season so I would ask don't turn your back on us just yet, when we are on our back foot John (Gannon) and me come back fighting and that's what we will be doing to make sure we stay in this division – I won't throw the towel in until we need four points and there is only 1 game left. Even then, we will be playing to win.”

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